DIY String Art Designs Anyone Can Make

DIY String Art Designs Anyone Can Make

Hi folks we are here again with several totally awesome and creative DIY projects that anyone can make. In this article we will take you into wonderful world of string art, if you never heard about it before we will explain it a bit. According to Wikipedia string art, is characterized by an arrangement of colored threads strung between points to form geometric patterns or representational designs. We collected several awesome string art designs and will share them with you in this article. They are very easy to make and you can create them without any unnecessary fuss and frustration, instead of that they will come as a good way to relax and make beautiful interior design elements at the same time.

DIY string art designs anyone can make

Image above is collage made from all the string art designs that we are sharing in this article, it would be great if you show us some love and share it on your favorite social network, Pinterest on example. You can copy these designs or improvise and change them a bit, you can change background, color and number of strings, shape that you are creating, size and any other aspect of the project that you wish. Awaken your creativity and make beautiful string art designs, or at least try to do so.

String Art Basics for Total Beginners

If you are totally unfamiliar with string art and don’t have idea what you should be doing, watch this short video to get basic insights. In a few minutes you will learn which tools and materials you will need, and how to use tread and make string art. After watching this video you will have all the necessary information required to start making beautiful string art designs.

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Now we can proceed further onto these lovely string art patterns. Beneath each pattern you can find a link to a original source with additional information and crafting instructions.

Home Sweet Home String Art Design

Home sweet home string art tutorial

Colorful “home sweet home” design that can be used as a interior decoration element. Follow this link to original source of this design.

Rustic Arrow String Art Design

Rustic arrow string art design

This one is totally easy to make and will perfectly fit on the wall of your living room. Link to original author’s page – source.

Joy String Art Patter

Joy string art design pattern

Simple, but colorful and motivating piece of string art. Author of “JOY” design is Mariah from, follow this link to source article.

State String Art

State string art design tutorial

Perfect string art design for people that are proud of their country and city they live in. Make easily piece of country shaped string art with your hometown marked with heart. Original authors are people behind website and here is link to original article.

OK String Art Tutorial

OK string art tutorial design pattern

Nice looking with vivid modern colors this “OK” string art is great piece of wall decoration for your apartment or caffee. Follow this link to original author’s article and detailed instructions.

DIY Owl String Art Design

DIY owl string art design tutorial

We could not find a lot of information about this adorable owl string art design. We hope that you will manage to recreate it from this image. Link to original Source.

Map of the World String Art Tutorial

Map of the World string art design tutorial

For the end we saved this rustic piece of wall decoration. It features the World map made out of needles and thread on a rustic wooden board. Original author of this piece of art is Janelle and here is link to original article.

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We hope that you have enjoyed browsing and maybe even making these beautiful string art designs that we collected for you. This is part 1 article and we plan to publish more posts like this one in the near future, so keep an eye on this post and check out our website – –  on a regular basis so you don’t miss the updates. We will share more astonishing string art designs for you to try.

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