Easy DIY projects for guys

Great guides that will help you to build useful and funny stuff for dudes, we provided a video or link to step-by-step guide for every item on this list.

1. Grappling Hook Gun how to build tutorial– If we assume that every man probably wants to be badass like the Batman, then this is awesome fighting accessory that everyone should make.The best thing is that you already have all the parts in your house, just take few minutes to watch this video and make this funny grappling hook.


2. DIY Swiss Army Key Ring, How to make it tutorial with video. If you feels like you are a jailer due to your giant key ring full of keys, then this is great solution for you. Ok, you will need to carry all those keys again but you won’t feel like a jailer, you will be like a Swiss soldier. There is a video with simple instructions, just follow all the steps and it won’t be difficult to make Swiss army key ring.


3. Build a Patio Table with Built-In Ice Boxes – this is great tutorial you really need to check it out. They explain in details how to build patio table with built-in ice box to cool your drink. It is nice looking and very useful indeed. Follow this link to view complete step-by-step tutorial.


4. How To Make A Ghillie Suit From Scratch – make perfect camouflage suit by yourself because ever real man needs one. It won’t cost you more than 100$ even if you are going to buy all the materials,but you probably have some of them at your home already. You can use this camouflage suit for paintball, or just for fun. Try to spot camouflaged man on the beginning of this video, no you can’t spot him.

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5. How to Build a Patio with Fire Pit – You must have this in your garden or backyard, it will add some kind of sense of freedom when you sit with your friends and chill out. Maybe it can seem as difficult to build on the first look but actually if you follow step-by-step guide in the provided tutorial it will be easy. Here is link to complete tutorial.


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