Easy House Cleaning Hacks

Easy House Cleaning Hacks

Hello fellow housekeepers and cleaners we are her with more cleaning tips and tricks that will help you to do your daily tasks faster and with less frustration. All of you that hate to spend major part of your time on house cleaning tasks should be happy that you found this article. Just as we did in our previous posts about house cleaning tips, here we will share with you several cleaning secrets that will help you a lot. Some of the tricks are about cleaning of various mess and other ones are about preventing mess and spills to happen. You don’t always to buy expensive products to keep your house clean, just apply those smart cleaning tricks and your house will shine.

1. How To Remove Garbage Juice from Your Garbage Bags

How to remove garbage juice from your garbage bags

This is a great video that will explain you how to easily (in 15 seconds) remove garbage juice from your garbage bags and prevent it from forming in future. Various drips, drops and spills from the garbage form liquid that is known as garbage juice. It is very disgusting to see and possibly can leak from garbage bag into your can or all over your house if you just have picked up garbage bag to throw it out. This little trick is lifesaver that will rid you of this trouble forever. It cost almost nothing and can be done in few seconds every time when you change your garbage bag. Watch Video with Instructions Here.

2. Lazy Way to Clean your Glass Stovetop

Lazy Way to Clean your Glass Stovetop

We all know that flat glass stovetops are not so easy to clean. Boiling spills and food spillovers are very hard to remove when they got burnt. This is a easy step-by-step guide for glass stovetops cleaning. You will need few ingredients that you already have at home to make your cleaning mixture. After that everything will go easily and you won’t have a headache when you need to clean your glass stovetops.. Visit This Link for Detailed Instructions.

3. How to Remove Calcium Buildup

How to Remove Calcium Buildup

This is great cleaning hack for all of you that live in areas with hard water. We all know that in such area after some time calcium buildups start forming on faucets. A lot of housewives neglect and just ignore those calcium buildups because they are so hard to remove. But you don’t need to avoid cleaning them any more, we found awesome cleaning tutorial that will help you to remove calcium buildups from faucets. Follow this Link for Step-by-step Instructions.

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