Easy to Make DIY Kids Toys Projects

Easy to Make DIY Kids Toys Projects

We searched all over the internet to find the coolest DIY kids toys that you can make at home. They are very easy to make and don’t require any special skills or materials. All the materials can be found at your home, you just need a bit of inspiration to create these beautiful DIY toys. It would be great if you make them together with your kids and let them develop their creativity and crafting skills. It is very interesting to try these tutorials and we guarantee you several hours of laughter, play and fun.

DIY Marble Run for Kids

Awesome and easy to build DIY marble run for kids that will entertain them for a long time. All of the required materials can be found at home so you don’t need to buy anything. It is interesting that they can play on a several ways with this DIY toy. When you build it just give it to your kids without telling them which games they can play. Encourage them to use their own imagination and discover different ways to play with this toy. After some time introduce them to possible usages ad “games” that they can play with this kids marble run. As you can see in this video they revealed few possible usages, kids can compete whose marble will be faster, they can predict in which cup marble will land and much much more.

DIY marble run for kids

DIY Kids Toys – Robot Crayons, Car Garage and Chalk

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make useful DIY toys for kids. It is explained in detail how to make robot shaped colorful crayons, cartoon car garage and custom made chalk.This is ideal DIY project to try if your kids love cars, robots, to color with crayons or other things and activities related to these DIY toys.

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DIY kids toys robot crayons car garage chalk

How to Make Cardboard Robotic Arm

Did you ever wanted to be a robot or a cyborg? Well we won’t help you to become one, but will show you how to make a cardboard robotic arm. In this uber cool tutorial you can see step-by-step instructions to make robotic arm for your kids to play.

How to make cardboard roboticarm

We hope that you enjoyed in DIY kids toys tutorials that we presented in this article. Explore further our website – Umbrellaclan.com and discover more amazing DIY tutorials, cleaning tips&tricks, Origami lessons and much much more.

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