Easy Origami for Kids – Animals with Video Instructions

Easy Origami for Kids – Animals with Video Instructions

Check out very easy origami for kids followed with detailed video instructions. Origami is a beautiful paper folding art that will boost your creativity and help you to fight boredom. It would be great if your children learn origami basics at a very young age. In this article you can find several video with step by step instructions for lovely origami designs for kids. This is very beautiful skill to teach your children an it is perfectly safe for them to practice it.

Watch these videos together with your kids and help them complete their first origami models. When they successfully build basic models they will ask you for more new designs to make. Let them develop their creativity and logical capabilities making these beautiful and simple origami for kids. It is important for your young ones to practice some kind of craft in order to develop their skills and creativity. This easy origami animals are perfect for your kids if you want to develop their craftsmanship.

Origami Dog for Kids with Video Instructions

Every kid in the world love pets, especially dogs. So it would be wise to start with this lovely origami dog tutorial. Let their first origami be the animal that they like so much. Maybe this design won;t be so easy for your kids to make so you should help them. We put this origami dog on the first place because it is so cute, but if you want even easier origami design for kids then check out the ones below.

But if you decide to make this one try to use several differently colored papers so you can make several different dogs. Encourage you kids to make their own zoo with various origami paper animals.

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Easy origami for kids dog model

On that way you will boost their interest in origami and love they feel towards pets and animals generally. If you have a bit older kids that really enjoy in paper folding they really should check out this awesome origami red dragon.

How to Make Easy Origami Fish for Kids

If the previous origami dog was a bit difficult for your kids than they should check out this model. This is very easy origami for kids paper fish tutorial that your kids will enjoy making. In less than 5 minutes they can make lovely paper wish. Whole tutorial is followed by calming kids music that will relax them.

Easy to make origami fish for kids

If they manage to complete all the origami designs for kids that we shared in this article they can play with them later and build their own animal kingdom. They can glue it or fix somehow onto their wardrobe and make imaginary sea of origami models like fish, dolphin, shark and similar sea creatures.

Origami for Kids – Cute Paper Mouse

This is one very easy and cute origami for kids. Your kids will enjoy making these cute mice origami models. They are very easy to make and your kids maybe can complete them on their own, but you can guide them a little until they master this paper mouse design. As you can see on the image below results are really lovely and kids will love them as well.

Cute paper mouse origami for kids

Give them enough sheets of paper and they will make whole army of paper mice.

Very Easy Origami Bird for Kids

This is one super easy origami bird that everyone can make. Even if you are totally unlucky with origami and can’t make any model you can successfully make this one. This is pigeon or similar kind of bird paper model that everyone can made in several minutes. If your kids are very young and you are in doubt whether they will be able to complete any tutorial than this one is the right one for them to try.

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How to make easy origami bird for kids

This easy origami for kids bird is perfect for practicing your children’s origami skills. When they complete this model several times they should try to make another paper animal that we described in this article.

Origami Butterfly – Easy Origami for Kids

For the end we will share with these easy to make but lovely origami butterflies. They are very easy to make and your kids can complete them very easy. Just find vividly colored sheets of paper like the one used in the tutorial video above.

Origami for kids paper butterfly

You don’t want your paper butterflies to be colored in dark and bored colors. Your kids can use their origami skills to get better grades in school. Let them show to their teachers some of their paper animal models and they will get very positive and encouraging response for sure. As they continue to practice and make various origami models their creativity and craftsmanship will improve and they will be better at art classes.

Easy origami for kids animals video instructions

We hope that you enjoyed in this article and that you will have a lot of fun making these origami animals together with your kids. Don’t forget to explore further our website and discover numerous interesting DIY projects and life hacks that we are sharing on regular basis.

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