Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Simple but useful gardening tips and tricks, interesting gardening ideas that will teach you how to spend less time working in the garden and to have better results at the same time. Learn how to make improvised gardens and grow a huge amount of vegetables in them. A lot of time passed since we originally wrote this article and thousands of visitors have read it since then. We didn’t expected such popularity and we are very happy that you have found this gardening tips so useful. These results encourage us to write more articles that cover gardening tips topic and that will help you to grow healthy plants and have record yields.

1. How to make Raised Bed Garden

How-to-make-Raised-Bed-Garden gardening tips

This is one of the easiest to do raised bed garden designs. First you need to find proper location for your raised bed garden, keep in mind when choosing a spot which plants you will grow, do they need a lot of sun? shade? How much space do they need?. We don’t cover growing requirements for each plant in this article so you will need to find those instructions elsewhere. Here we actually don’t teach you how to grow specific plant, but we will show you how to make various garden DIY improvements and gardening tricks. As you can see on the image above you will need several cinder block to complete this raised bed garden project. A picture itself gives a lot of hints how to make it, but for detailed instructions visit an read provided guide. View complete Instructions Here and a lot of useful gardening tips.

2. How to Grow a hundred pounds of potatoes in a barrel


Amazing instructions that will help you to grow 100 pounds of healthy potatoes in a barrel that is strictly controlled environment. This is guide about which fellow gardeners on Pinterest have gone crazy. Considering how awesome this garden hack is we completely understand them. It will help you to have higher potato yields per square feet, will save you time you used to prepare soil for seeding, give you better control over growth and plant feeding process and much much more.

And the best of all is that this is one of the easiest gardening DIY projects. Learn this simple potato growing trick and results will be very satisfying. Just follow four easy steps and you will learn how to grow potatoes in a barrel. View Step-by-Step Guide Here.

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3. How to plant seedlings in eggshells


If you sprout seedlings instead of buying store-grown you will save nearly 90% on your gardening costs. Some plants need to be planted indoors in order to sprout seedlings and transplant them outdoors later. Regardless of the seeding process that is specific for different group of plants, one ting is common for all of them. Every single plant seedling need a lot of minerals in order to grow healthy and tall. Considering that fact someone come up with a great solution. Just like people should consume eggs because of proteins, eggshells are full of useful minerals that your plant will love. Instead of making or buying seeding pots of various materials just save your eggshells and use them as seeding pots.

Beside the fact that they are ideal container they will slowly dissolve and boost your seedlings growth and health. This guide will teach you how to create your own seedling pots from eggshells, by doing this you will save even more money and besides that there are 8 Reasons to use eggshells for seedling pots. View complete Instructions Here.

4. Pot-in-Pot Landscaping

Gardening-tips-tricks-Pot-in-Pot Landscaping

Nice gardening tips about pot-in-pot landscaping, especially if you want to grow flowers. To be honest we are not so familiar with this gardening method, especially because we didn’t have to use it in our garden. But there are some situations when pot in pot gardening is a good option to try. Especially if your garden soil is a low quality one. When your garden’s soil is rocky, full of roots, sand or malicious microbes than you should try this gardening technique. Also it is useful if you want to save money spent on water, have limited access to light and want to rotate plants, want to experiment with various arrangement of flowers and much more.

Sometimes this can be very useful planting technique so you should at least read about it just to have it on your mind. Maybe one day you will get into situation when this planting method will be useful to you and beneficial to your plants. Read complete Tutorial Here.

5. How to make additional gardening space – Gardening Tips


This is simple but useful gardening technique for those that are space limited and don’t have enough planting space in their gardens. Also this can be very handy gardening trick if you live in the urban area and don’t have a garden at all. You can plant your plants in your apartment in those containers and grow healthy vegetables for your family. Interesting container garden guide, decide which plants you want to grow and how much money you have, and after that decide which containers to buy.

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When you get all the required materials all you need to do is to drill few draining holes on the bottom of containers and fill them with proper soil. Great indoor gardening method for non professional gardeners that just want to make cheap and healthy vegetables for their families. Follow this link to read Step-by-Step Guide Here.

6. How to grow Rose bushes from trimmings


Detailed instructions about roses propagation combined with few gardening tips and tricks. This is not some secret mind blowing gardening technique but it is good to know it. If you plant roses in your garden this simple and easy rose propagation guide will teach you how to properly take rose cuttings and plant them.

In addition to his personal method of rose propagation, author of this article will share with you his neighbor’s rose propagation using potato technique. It sounds weird but he stick rose cuttings into potato before planting them so they keep moisture and stuff like that. View complete Instructions Here.

7. Bonus – Seed Planting Calendar

And we come to and end of this article about gardening tips and tricks and smart gardening techniques that will help you with planting and garden management. For the end we shared you this seed planting calendar on the image above. You can use it to decide when to plant and when to move outdoors your plants for the optimal results. Knowledge from this calendar combined with gardening tips shared above will help you to grow healthy plants and get high yields. If you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful browse further our website Umbrella Clan for more amazing DIY projects and life hacks.

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