Gardening Tips and Garden DIY Projects

Gardening Tips and Garden DIY Projects

Hello fellow gardeners we are here again with new post with some really cool and easy to do gardening tips and DIY projects. As many of you maybe already know, before few months we wrote post about Gardening Tips and Tricks that get a lot attention from readers interested in gardening. After we put some time into research we find several really interesting gardening tricks and projects that we will share with you. We will teach you how to grow seeds in a just a few days, what not to plant together and how to improve your garden soil using eggshells. Beside that gardening tips we prepared few gardening DIY projects that are easy to do and you can make them at your own home. Some of the tips are very useful indeed while other projects are just for fun and decoration, anyway we are sure that you will enjoy reading this post and trying our advice.

1. How to Grow Seeds in 3 Days

How to Grow seed in just 3 days

If you have forgotten to plant your seeds indoor on the time don’t whine, maybe we can help you to catch the train and grow your seeds in a just few days. In this guide it is show how to grow flower seeds in a just 3 days, but we assume that this trick can be used for some other plants as well. One simple planting and seeding trick will help you to have sprouts in a just 3 days, well if that is not good result than I really don’t know what is. This is really useful seeding tricks to grow faster your seeds, but we still think that regular seeding is better, so use this method only if you are late with seeding. Visit this link and read step-by-step instructions.

2. What Not To Plant Together

What Not to Plant Together

Now when you know how to grow seed in a just 3 days we want you to teach you another gardening lesson. People often invest a lot of time and efforts into their gardens and follow a lot of guides and practices to achieve higher yields. That is right way to go of course, but lot of them skip some basics and shrink their benefits by not knowing some simple gardening tricks. One of that basic planting tips is about companion planting, in this particular case it is about what not to plant together. You maybe even didn’t know that but some plants can harm another ones if they are planted together. That are gardening basics that you really need to know and we will help you learn them. On the following link you can find guide for companion planting for several common garden plants. For each plant it is stated what not to plant together with it, here is the Link to Detailed Guide.

3. How to Improve Your Garden Soil Using Eggshells

How to improve your garden soil using eggshells

Well we already covered some basic lessons about seeding and planting now we want to say few words about garden soil. As we all know it is very important to take care of our garden soil and make it rich with useful minerals that boost our plant’s growth. You can do it on a cheaper of more expensive way, well why throwing your money away when you can do it on a frugal way. You can easily improve your garden soil with a eggshells, just collect enough of them and put them into blender. When you turn them into powder spread that powder out in the garden. That is one simple and frugal gardening trick that will improve quality of your garden soil. Visit this link and read complete instructions.

4. River Rocks as Garden Markers

River Rocks Garden Markers

Well, now when we have covered few basic gardening tips we will share with you few garden DIY projects that can be useful or just decorative, anyway they will entertain you making them and will improve the look of your garden and backyard. This one is both decorative and useful garden DIY projects, we will show you several lovely painted rocks that are used as garden markers. As your plants start to grow you will often be confused and forget where you planted certain plants. Don’t let that to happen, all you need to do is to make several river rock garden markers. All you need to do is to collect several river rocks shaped like the plants you want to mark. Paint the desired plants onto them and use them as garden markers. This can be funny garden project especially if you do it together with your kids. Check out detailed guide and several examples of painted river rocks used as garden markers.

5. How to Make DIY Garden Brick Path

How to make DIY Garden Brick Path

Do you ever think that your garden looks messy or ugly compared to other people’s gardens? Do you ever think that it can be something more than just planting space? If the answer is yes than this DIY garden brick path project will help you to solve your problems and turn your garden into something beautiful that looks almost like a city park. You have probably already saw a lot of garden path DIY projects and some of them are really nice, we will review more of them in our next article but for now let’s check out this one. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to easily build your own garden brick path. It is not complicated at all and you just need to follow detailed instructions given here.

6. How to Make Space Saving Vertical Vegetables Garden

How to Make Space Saving Vertical Vegetables Garden

Well, we are coming to the end of this post with easy to garden DIY projects and gardening tips and tricks. For the end we saved one stylish and modern space saving vertical garden design. To be honest this is not a garden in which you will produce tons of vegetables, but it looks very nice and you can utilize some unused space. When I think better and compare this vertical garden design it actually can produce more vegetables than any other vertical garden design that I saw. You will need to make wooden containers and arrange them vertically, fill them with soil and plant. Yes it is just that simple. Of course step-by-step instructions are provided but this really should not be challenging to make and looks really nice. If you don’t want to hang cheap looking and messy vertical gardens on your walls this is the right solution for you. To learn how to make this wooden container vertical garden visit this link.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article, explore further our website and find more useful guides, tips and tricks about various topics like gardening, housekeeping, DIY and much much more.

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