Hello Kitty Nails Designs Tutorial 2015

We will explain you how to make Hello Kitty nails. In the universe of nail arts the variety of models is large. The nails look good both as abstract designs inspired by the characters, as in the case of the world’s most famous cat: hello kitty nail designs. It was created by the Japanese brand Sanrio in 1974 and became a worldwide fever, appearing on clothes, bags, shoes, electronic items and more. Check out a very simple step by step to the kitty nail!

How to make hello kitty nail designs:
1. Choose the nail to be the only daughter of this nail art and paint it with enamel pink sparkling;
2. Wait until dry and then with a curved white enamel in only daughter. In the other nails do a straight French tip with the same enamel?
3. With the very dry enamel, apply the adhesive side of the bow “head” Hello Kitty.
4. Using the nail art brush or toothpick orange with a rounded tip, do the little eyes of the kitten with black enamel. To get the design just right, make two vertical dashes.
5. Finalize the kitten with a ball flattened using the yellow glaze and brush / toothpick.
6. To make it more special decoration, put the sticky little strip above the line that starts the other nails.
Now all depends on you on hello kitty nail designs, you want to wear theme where and what materials you will use.
Hello Kitty Nail Designs Uploaded by Nails Designer on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014. Here 10 awesome pictures of Hello Kitty Nail Designs. See another articles or browse pictures about Cute Nail Designs for more great Nail Designs Ideas.

Hello Kitty nails tutorial with images.



There are few amazing video tutorials about making cute Hello Kitty nails.

Lovely Hello Kitty nail art design tutorial video, I think it is totally doable! It may take some time, but be patient and it will turn out super cute!! Have fun!

A Hello Kitty Konad STAMPING tutorial.

Just follow instructions from these videos and you can make amazing Hello Kitty nails. If you learned successfully how to make Hello Kitty nails you find more guides on our website for all kind of nail art designs.

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