How to Make DIY Color Changing Mugs Video Tutorial

Hi people you probably already heard about heat activated color changing mugs. They can be ordered online and are very cool indeed. But if you are DIY enthusiast and love to spend some time at home making various things than you are on a right place. In this article you can discover how to make your own DIY color changing mug.

In this video it is explained how to make DIY color changing mug with 8-bit pixel heart print on it, but by applying the same logic you can draw numerous other prints on your color changing mug. This is very easy but awesome DIY mug project, and you don’t need more than 5-10$ to make it. All the steps of the process are explained to detail and even child can easily follow this guide.

As you can see this is very quality video tutorial that will show you how to make DIY color changing mug that is affected by heat of the liquid poured into the mug. This is very cheap and easy to do DIY project, you only need ordinary ( dollar store ) mug and heat sensitive powder that you can order easily online. Projects itself don’t have a lot of steps, all you need to do is to find image of the desired print online and print it on your printer in order to draw it easily on the mug.

How to make DIY color changing mugs

Next step is to draw desired image on the mug and properly color it with appropriate pen. After that think carefully which parts of the image are supposed to change colors and cover them with heat sensitive powder that you bought.

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Then leave the mug for some time until all the powder and drawings are dried and that it is it. You have successfully created your own DIY color changing mug.

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