Star Wars Origami Tutorials with Video Instructions

Star Wars Origami Tutorials with Video Instructions

Watch the video instructions and learn how to make an awesome Star Wars origami models. Some of them are very easy to make while other ones are a bit harder but all of them will look great when you finish them. Discover what you get when Star Wars meets origami and spend hours of your idle time making those creative origami designs.

You can even learn to make simpler models on your own without need for video instructions and make them on various occasions and surprise everyone with your origami skills.

How to Make Origami Yoda from Star Wars – Video Instructions

We will share both simple and advanced star wars origami tutorials, if you are a hard core Star Wars fan you should take enough time and complete all of them.

If you are ordinary paper folding enthusiast that accidentally stumbled upon these Star Wars origami instructions then do whatever you want and make only the ones that you feel urge to make. Origami master Yoda instructions from the video above are categorized as intermediate level origami design. That means that it can be a bit difficult for a total beginner to make this origami, but with enough persistence and video instructions you can make it.

How to make origami Master Yoda from Star Wars

It takes about 30-45 minutes to make but it is worth spending that amount of time. Results are awesome and you will be proud if you manage to make this Jedi Master Yoda paper model.

How to Make Origami Tie Fighter from Star Wars

There is one origami spaceship from Star Wars series, the video above explains in detail how to make origami tie fighter from Star Wars. This is a bit easier paper model to make than Master Yoda origami that we shared with you above.

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How to make Star Wars Origami Tie Fighter model

This paper model can be completed by a total beginner and you should try to make it. It takes only 10-15 minutes and when you finish it you will have your first spaceship in front of you. Well you will have the paper spaceship to be precise but what to do.

Video Instructions to Make Star Wars Origami Darth Vader

After we explained to you how to make Master Yoda paper model it would be nice to show you how to make dark side origami. When it comes to dark side no one is better than Darth Vader or we can call him Anakin Skywalker if you prefer. This is not an easy paper folding tutorial but is totally awesome and worth all the necessary efforts to complete it.

It will guide you step by step until you make origami Darth Vader from Star Wars. Every true Star Wars fan should make this Darth Vader paper model and keep force in balance with both Jedi and Sith origami paper models.

Video Instructions to make Star Wars origami Darth Vader

It is obviously that you will get best results if you use black paper for this tutorial, but anyway results will be nice even if you use differently colored paper. We hope that Darth Vader won’t be mad at you if you dress him in purple or white depending on paper you have at hand.

How to Make Origami X-Wing from Star Wars

There is another origami spaceship model from Star Wars series. This video tutorial explains how to make origami X-Wing from Star Wars and the results will be very satisfying.

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This paper X-Wing looks so realistic that you will think that it will start its engines and fly into the space. This model requires about 30 minutes to be made, but despite a lot of time it requires the design itself is not complicated. Even of you are not skilled origami maker you can finish it successfully if you follow the instructions carefully.

How to make origami X-Wing Star Wars

Instructions to Make Origami Imperial Star Destroyer

We will finish this article with the another spaceship paper model. Video above will show you how to make an origami imperial star destroyer paper spaceship from Star Wars. This is the fastest Star Wars origami guide in this article. It will take you only five minutes to complete it while results will be awesome. Follow the instructions from the video and you will fold awesome imperial star destroyer paper model.

Instructions to make origami Imperial Star Destroyer

We hope that we satisfied both the Star Wars fans and origami enthusiast. We tried to select only the best and tested Star Wars origami designs. If you enjoyed making them then you should check out other origami tutorials that are featured on our website.

Star Wars Origami Tutorials Video Instructions

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