Hard water removing tips and tricks

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

All of us want to maintain our household clean and neat. To accomplish that we often buy expensive cleaning products that promise to clean our house easily. But we will show you that it is not always necessary to buy the expensive branded stuff to get your home clean, not when things like baking soda, peroxide, and vinegar actually do a better job. We browsed Pinterest for a while and found several really clever cleaning tips and tricks that will make your life easier and help you to clean your house. Not just they will help you to clean faster and with fewer efforts, they will also save you a lot of money previously spent on expensive cleaning products. Great way to combine time-saving hacks with a frugal lifestyle.

1. Sanitizing Sponges – Sponges are really handy and a lot of us like to use them. But did you ever realized that a lot of micro-organisms are living in your sponges? Those microbes and bacteria can be harmful to you and your kids. You really should sanitize your sponges once in a while. The easiest trick to sanitize sponges is to put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and watch as the microbes sizzle away.

Cleaning Tips Tricks sanitizing sponges

2. Kitchen Cabinet Gunk Remover – Take a look at your kitchen cabinet doors, especially pay attention to the area around the handles, it is no wonder why that area is the dirtiest one. How many times you prepared something and opened a kitchen cabinet without washing your hands. How many times your kids come from outside and opened the cabinet with dirty hands. You’d be surprised at how much gunk can accumulate overtime on the kitchen cabinet handles and area around them. But don’t worry there is a very cheap and easy way to clean your kitchen cabinet from gunk. This cabinet cleaner only requires 2 ingredients, and you probably already have them right in the cabinet that needs to be cleaned. Complete guide here.

Kitchen cabinet gunk remover

3. Clean Small Toys In A Laundry Bag – Just like microbes and bacteria are living inside your sponges, with the passing time they start to inhabit small toys. Small toys are really hard to clean and because of that we often skip them and schedule to clean later. But that “later” often never comes and we expose our kids to the danger of playing with toys contaminated with micro-organisms. This simple toy cleaning trick will solve this problem and toys cleaning won’t be a nightmare anymore. All you need to do is to put small toys into the laundry bag and wash them in a dishwasher machine. The laundry bag can make it possible to clean so much more, including small Lego pieces! You could also use this concept in the dishwasher.

Toys cleaning trick with laundry bag

4. Removing Labels In A Flash – Those sticky labels are really annoying sometimes. They just won’t go off and become nervous. Once I even broke my nail trying to remove labels. This cleaning hack will help you to remove labels easily with one simple trick. All you need to do is to add a scoop of OxiClean to a sink full of warm water and dumping them all in to soak. Walk away and in about 30 minutes all of the labels magically float off.

Cleaning trick remove labels easy

Follow these guides and clean your house easily. You don’t need to buy expensive cleaning products that sometimes are not efficient, we will show you how to make homemade cleaning products that will help you to clean your house easily.

5. Use Salt To Clean Your Iron – It is a bit delicate situation when it comes to iron cleaning. To be honest I didn’t know how to clean it at all. I feared that I will mess something up or that iron will become rusty if I use water-based cleaners. Then I discovered this amazing iron cleaning trick that will make your iron shiny once again in three simple steps. 1. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt onto your ironing board 2. Turn your iron to the highest setting, ensuring that the steam option is set to OFF (it is very important to turn off steam option) 3. When heated, iron over the salt–what happens is that the dirt sticks to the salt, leaving nothing but a wonderful, shiny iron!

How to clean iron with salt

6. Squeegee Hair Picker – I don’t have any pet in a house at the moment but I used to have a dog. I really love dogs but their pet hair was all over the house and I had really hard times cleaning it. But this simple pet hair cleaning tricks will change the game forever. Turns out your squeegee has a brilliant use other than getting your windows squeaky clean. Use that will make your life a lot easier to be precise. Use squeegee as a quick and easy way to wipe pet hair off of your carpets and rugs.

Clean easily pet hair from carpet

7. Rubber Gloves To Remove Pet Hair – There is another pet hair removal trick that you can use. If you don’t have squeegee or for some reason don’t want to use it, you can remove pet hair with rubber gloves. Dampen one of your rubber gloves a little, and then use it to remove pet hair from furniture. As you can notice from these pictures squeegee is better for removing pet hair from carpets but for furniture rubber gloves will do a great job as well. The damp rubber material is like a magnet to hair!

Hair removal with glove

8. Keyboard Cleaning Tip – To be honest, before I discovered this smart keyboard cleaning trick I didn’t clean keyboard at all. Well from time to time I used to clean it with plain cloth or something like that. But I never opened the keyboard and removed those tons of dirt between buttons and inside the keyboard. But take look at this awesome invention. It will help you to clean your keyboard easily in a few minutes. Who needs all of those fancy attachments when you have a squeeze bottle top, why to spend money on various cleaners when you can make at home? This would be handy getting all of those little nooks in the car, too.

Keyboard and phone cleaning trick

9. Garbage Disposal Cleaning Trick – You might already know that ice sharpens the blades in your garbage disposal and that throwing a lemon in there freshens and cleans it up. But we will go a step further and create even more awesome hack. Why not combine the cleaning solution with the blade sharpener? Genius! Just a couple of ingredients and an ice cube tray, and you’re set.

Garbage disposal cleaning trick

10. Removing Hard Water – I think most of us have a problem with hard water, even if just a little bit. Because of that, we shared a few tips on hard water removal in this article. Hard water is one of the common cleaning problems. It looks ugly and it seems almost impossible to get off. I have bought those smelly abrasive cleaning products that promise to get rid of it, but even that doesn’t help entirely. You’d be surprised at the one ingredient that will eat it away; you probably already have a bottle of it in your kitchen. Read the complete guide here.

Hoe to remove hard water

11. Homemade Grout Cleaner – Just two simple ingredients that you already have at home to make your grout lines look brand new! When you see how easily this simple mixture will clean tile lines grout you will want to use whenever you see grout on something. This is indeed a powerful homemade grout cleaner that you can make easily and use whenever you need to clean grout. It’s probably a good idea to do this a couple of times a year to prevent the build-up from happening in the first place. Read the complete guide here.

Grout cleaning tips and tricks

12. The Easy Way To Clean Your Burners – Stove burners are very hard to clean and the worst place for stuck-on grease drips, spills, and food particles. The heat bonds them to it, making it a not-so-easy task to remove and you need to spend a lot of time scrubbing them. But, I certainly don’t like scrubbing like anyone you like either. This is a cleaning hack to clean your stove burners without scrubbing that ill makes your kitchen life a lot easier. Check out the easiest way to tackle those burners without using those arm muscles. Complete guide here.

How to clean stove burners

13. Fix Scratches On Wooden furniture – Easy way to clean scratches from wooden furniture. Why buy new expensive wooden furniture when you fix ones you already have. This guide will show you how to revamp your furniture and remove scratches from it. You won’t believe how powerful this simple cleaning hack is and how much money it can save you. Read the complete guide here.

How to clean scratches from wooden furniture

14. How to make your grill non-stick – It is very ugly and awkward when you invite your friends to a grill party and food starts sticking onto grill bars. Your friends even might get impressions that you are unskilled with a barbecue or something like that. To prevent that we are sharing with you one clever barbecue trick to make your grill non-stick. An easy trick to prevent food from sticking to your grill, read complete guide here.

How to make grill non-stick

15. Removing Hard Water Stains – Remove hard water stains in a few minutes, do it easily and on the cheaper way. Maybe you won’t believe it but all you need is a lemon. Yes, you have read it correctly, with one lemon you can remove hard water stains easily without much hassle.

Hard water removing tips and tricks

16. Cleaning shower head trick – Do you remember old grouted shower heads that are blocking water from passing freely? Maybe you even have one right now in your bathroom. This easy shower head cleaning trick will help you to clean your shower head without scrubbing. You don’t need to buy a brand new showerhead, just follow these simple steps and clean your current one. Clean a shower head without scrubbing, read instructions here.

How to clean shower head

17. Removing Scratches On Ceramic – with something you would not expect! These plates look brand new in the after photo, don’t they? But take a look at how damaged they were. Here is an awesome trick to restore scratched ceramic kitchenware. There’s no reason to replace your favorite dinnerware just because it has a few scratches. Even if you only have a few, this will certainly polish them up and you will save some money. Read the complete guide here.

How to remove scratches on ceramic

These cleaning hacks will help you a lot next time you decide to do some house cleaning tasks. Whether they are discovered accidentally or someone tried hard to invent new cleaning techniques don’t really matter because the most important thing is that they are invented and you can use them. Clever and funny ways to save some cleaning money and cut the time needed to clean your household.

House cleaning tips and tricks

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