Removing carpet stains with iron

How to Clean House Quickly and Efficiently

Great house cleaning tips and tricks, learn how to clean the house quickly and efficiently, and save your time, money, and efforts. Try to do cleaning on the easier way, in this article we provided several guides, try the ones that you find the most useful. You can make all homemade cleaners with ingredients that you already have in the house.

1. How to Clean Vacuum Filters in the Dishwasher

Cleauum filters in the dishwashern vac

Vacuum filters are very expensive, but you don’t need to buy them because you can clean the ones that you already have. It is very simple you just need to remove dust and trash…at least the amount that you can remove by your hand, after that wash vacuum filters in your dishwasher machine. Read the detailed guide here.

2. How to Remove Carpet Stains with iron

Removing carpet stains with iron

The smart way to clean stains from your carpet, you only need your iron, one towel, and some kind of cleaner. Spray cleaner onto stains, then cover them with a towel, turn on your iron and start heating towel. This is a great house cleaning trick that you must try. View the complete step-by-step tutorial here.

3. How to clean the oven naturally

How to clean oven naturally

When your oven gets dirt your kitchen will smell horrible every time you open it (oven). This guide will show you how to clean oven with homemade cleaners easily, all the ingredients for the homemade cleaner you already have at home and they are very cheap, so this cleaning adventure won’t cost you much. Follow this link for a step-by-step guide.

4. How to clean a Bathtub Drain tips and tricks

How to clean bathtub drain hack

After some time a lot of hair will be stuck into your bathtub, and when that happens it will take a lot of time to drain your bathtub. Before you call plumber let’s try this bathtub cleaning trick, follow these instructions and you can easily clean your bathtub and disinfect it. Read complete instructions here.

5. No-streak window cleaning

Window cleaning trick

It’s not easy getting streak-free windows when you are trying to clean them properly. Turns out there are a few easy and secret tricks to getting the job done and clean windows without streak. This guide will show you how to make a homemade window cleaner and what to do to perform a no-streak window cleaner. Complete instructions here.

6. How to clean the kitchen sink

How to clean kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most important places to clean because a lot of germs and bacteria use it to live inside and can easily be spread onto your dish, so you need to sanitize your kitchen sink. This guide will show you how to clean and sanitize it without the use of harmful chemicals or cleaners, instead of that use only safe products that you already possess. View complete instructions here.

7. Reconditioning cast iron

Reconditioning cast iron

Pans that are made from cast iron definitely require different cleaning than ordinary pans, you can’t just throw them in the dishwasher. Cooking in the cast iron pans is healthier than cooking in the non-stick pans, so it is wise to maintain your cast iron pans properly and use them for a long period of time. Follow this link and read the step-by-step guide and learn how to clean cast iron pans – view complete instructions here.

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