How to make magnetic wristband

Interesting Craft Ideas DIY

Hi people we collected several really useful and interesting craft ideas, all of them are very easy to make and you will enjoy making them. Some of them are just funny or some kind of decoration, while others are really useful.

1. Do it yourself Magnetic Wristband, it can be very useful because when you’re creating something, there is a moment when you have wood right where you want it, but then you need turn to grab a nail or a screw…but with this magnetic wristband you will not have that problem anymore. Follow this link to view the complete guide.

How to make magnetic wristband

2. Make your own sleeping eye mask, it will improve the quality of your sleep, and if you are creative enough it can be very cute. If you wear a sleeping mask at night then this is a great DIY guide for you, you will learn how to make beautiful sleeping masks, but if you don’t wear a sleeping mask, maybe you know someone who wears and you can make few masks for that person. You can try to make few sleeping masks just to test your creativity and skills, if you manage to create really beautiful masks you can even try to sell them on Etsy or similar websites. It is a challenge! Create a few masks and pin photos of them to Pinterest and see the reactions of people. View the complete guide here.

DIY eye mask


3. Painted Kitchen Towels – Great guide that will show you how to make painted kitchen towels, this is a really interesting craft idea. Follow this link to view complete guide.

DIY painted kitchen towels


4. DIY Upholstered Ottoman If you have some old table or something like that, then follow this guide and make beautiful Read step-by-step guide here.

DIY upholstered ottoman craft

5. Page Corner Bookmarks – they are very beautiful and easy to make, and you will have fun, just follow this guide and you will make them properly. View step-by-step guide here.

How to make page corner bookmark for kids

6. How to make paper flowers – really interesting craft idea, these flowers look so beautiful and you can make them in a few minutes. They can be used to decorate various things, it is all up to you. Read the complete guide here.

DIY decorative paper flowers


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