Instructions to make origami tulip

How to Make Easy Origami Flowers – Video Instructions

In this post, you will find video instructions that will teach you how to make several easy origami flowers suitable even for beginners. You don’t need to browse numerous origami flower tutorials in order to find the best ones, we have done that work for you and made a collection of the most beautiful but easy to make origami flowers. All these guides are in video format so you can see what exactly you need to do and how to fold paper properly. These origami flower model designs are made by the most famous origami artist and folded and for you by the skilled origami folders. So don’t waste your time and jump onto the origami flower tutorials below.

How to make origami flowers

Learn to Make an Easy Origami Iris Flower

In this article, we will show you how to make several origami flowers, for the start we have chosen beautiful origami Iris Flower. Besides the fact that it is very beautiful, it is not so difficult to make. You will need 10-15 minutes to complete it once you develop some basic paper folding skills. Also, it may be no-brainer thing to mention, but if you want to change the flower color just use different colored paper, yes it is an obvious fact but some people overlook it.

That was one beautiful origami flower guide, but we are still just warming up. The next origami flower model is very similar to the previous one but still, have some differences so we will include it in this article as well. Despite the fact that these two origami flowers are very similar we want to include in this post every quality origami flower tutorial. The main criteria that the flower model needs to pass to be included in this ultimate origami flower tutorial is that the final results are beautiful and eye appealing. So even if they are very similar, both of these two origami flower guides will be presented, if you don’t like one of them simply skip it.

Origami Iris flower tutorial

Video Instructions to Make an Easy Origami Lily Flower

Perfect for decoration those origami lily flowers are very beautiful and won’t take a lot of your time to make them. If you love paper folding you will enjoy making them and it would be great to invite your kids to join you. They will get skilled in the beautiful and calming origami art and will be occupied for several hours if you provide them with enough origami designs to make. Origami is a beneficial activity to spend your time on it and you will boost your creativity and imagination by practicing it.

How to make lily flower origami

How to Make Easy Origami Kusudama Flower

Kusudama originates from traditional Japanese culture and it refers to a paper model created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal elements into one spherical object. Kusudama flower is the most used single element in the creation of kusudama ball. In the video below you can see how to make easy origami kusudama flower, if you want to make the whole kusudama you will need to make several kusudama flowers and glue their points to make a spherical shape. View THIS LINK to see how to complete Kusudama should look.


Kusudama flower easy origami tutorial

Make Easy Origami Rose – Video Instructions

This may be the well-known origami rose tutorial but we want to include it in this article for those who still haven’t seen it. This origami rose model can be very helpful if you want to charm certain girl, you can make this paper rose from any kind of paper that you find in the moment and give it to that girl. Of course, if you used properly colored papers for your origami rose it will look better almost like the real one. This is an intermediate level origami guide but every step is explained in the video below and with some effort, you will manage to make it.

How to make origami rose

How to Make Origami Lotus Flower

Just when you thought that it is it and there are no more beautiful origami flower tutorials we will amaze you with video instructions that will teach you how to make easy origami lotus flower. Indian lotus is an aquatic plant and sacred flower in some Indian religions. Besides that, it is a very beautiful and used flower, both in its natural form and as symbol in many cultures for various meanings. This is a beginner level origami flower guide that can be completed even by kids after some time and practice. Results will be beautiful and satisfying, especially if you use properly colored papers.


Video Instructions to Make Origami Tulip Flower

We all know what happened with the tulips and dutch people in the past, well they have become crazy about this flower for a limited period of time. When you see this easy origami tulip flower guide you will become crazy about it just like dutch people were crazy about the real flower a long time ago. This is a beginners level origami guide and with some practice, everyone will be capable of making it. Results will be unbelievably beautiful origami tulips that can be used as decoration or just to have some fun making them.

Instructions to make origami tulip

Easy Origami Diamond Rose Flower

We have come to an end of this article and we decide to finish it with one easy origami diamond rose tutorial. This one you can make easily without any problems but it will look beautiful, well maybe not beautiful as much as the origami tulips above but it still will look fine.

Well, that is all we have to show you in this article. We hope that you have enjoyed watching these origami flower tutorials and even manage to successfully make some of them. If you want to learn more about origami and find more awesome origami designs browse our website and discover a lot of them. When you make some of these origami flowers it would be great if you share it with us in the comment section, just go to the Imgur and upload your picture and share the link in the comment. Don’t forget to share this ultimate origami flowers guide with your friends and followers on your favorite social networks and have a nice day.

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