how to make Swedish torch

How to make Swedish torch Tutorial with video

For a self-contained outdoor fire with built-in cooking posts, the Swedish torch can’t be beaten. All you need is one log and a chainsaw. In this post, we will show you how to make a Swedish torch.

The beauty of the Swedish torch is that once you light it, you can basically forget it. The log will slowly burn from the inside out. The cuts through the log provide natural airflow that will keep your fire ventilated. It also doubles as a cooking surface and is perfect for holding cast iron pans. Find a log about 10″ in diameter and 2′-3′ in height. Make sure that at least one end of the log is cut level so it will stand up straight on its end. Take your chainsaw and make three crisscrossing cuts about ¾ of the way through.

You can start your torch by lighting a small fire on top which will eventually burn down into the log. Kerosene or lighter fluid applied to the center of the log will also help get it going.

Swedish torch History
The Swedish torch gets its name from the thirty-year war between 1618 and 1648.
During this war, the torches were used by the Swedish soldiers. Through a specially developed sawing process, the soldiers were able to use fresh pinewood. For a source of heat. This way they didn’t have to travel great distances for firewood at camp. These days the Swedish torch is mainly used as a source of light and warmth in the garden. The torch burns vertically and is very attractive to watch. The glowing logs burning up slowly give off a pleasant heat. Through the special technique of intake of oxygen the torch burns very evenly. Depending on the type of wood used the torch will burn up more or less slowly.

how to make Swedish torch

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